Grupo Silaba


Change the rules and go beyond
The Grand Carnival takes you to a place where superior design and truly smart features combine with a deep
understanding of your practical driving needs. It's a place where maximum luxury goes hand in hand with a respect for
economy - a place where the exceptional meets the everyday.
Dynamic driving in an exciting world
Effortlessly rise above the toughest demands on your driving skills in any urban landscape.
The Grand Carnival enables you to assert absolute power over your driving environment.
Modern, Confident Exterior
Experience the pleasure of driving
Living life to the fullest is about enjoying everything you do and that includes driving.
The Grand Carnival has arrived to make driving a truly satisfying part of how you fill each day with pleasure.
A spacious sanctuary of comfort and refinement
Extending interior space beyond expectation
An abundance of space is key to creating an interior ambience that is truly relaxing. The cabin of the Grand Carnival was designed to
achieve the ultimate realization of maximized space for you and your occupants' convenience and pleasure.
Modern, Confident Exterior
Pop-up Sinking Seats
Hide the fourth row seat below the floorboard of the Grand Carnival for even more space
and restore it instantly by lightly pressing a lever.
Modern, Confident Exterior
Reinforced Body Structure
Advanced high strength steel improves impact resistance, body rigidity and performance
as weight is reduced and the collision structure is reinforced.
Modern, Confident Exterior
Electronic Stability Control
ESC automatically controls brake pressure in challenging driving situations like
sudden turns, acceleration and braking.
Modern, Confident Exterior
Blind Spot Detection (BSD)
The system uses radar sensors to monitor approaching vehicles from the rear in
the lanes flanking the driver. If a vehicle is detected, a visual alert appears on the
sideview mirrors.
Modern, Confident Exterior
R 2.2 Diesel Engine
This light-weight engine uses a nitrogen oxide reduction catalyst to regulate emissions
while featuring NVH coating and a highly efficient turbocharger.
Dual power sliding doors Dual power sliding doors Dual power sliding doors Dual power sliding doors Dual power sliding doors Dual power sliding doors
Power Sliding Door
The second row sliding door can be opened manually or automatically with just
the flick of a switch.